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Palacký University

Application procedure

Prospective students of the Faculty should meet the following requirements:

1. Submit a certificate of a high/secondary school or college graduation. A copy of the  certificate may be submitted during the application procedure, the original must be submitted during the entrance examination at the latest.


Successful A-levels in three subjects (biology and chemistry mandatory, physics or mathematics recommended) are required.

Applicants with biology, chemistry and physics  A-levels results (not older than 3 years)  two A and one B  will be invited for an interview (cf. 3).



A completed secondary education and college or university courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry are required.  Applicants with good MCAT scores  will be invited for an interview (cf. 3).

2. Succeed at a written entrance examination taken in chemistry, biology, and physics/maths. The level of the examination corresponds to that of the British A-levels.

3. Pass an interview with the Board of Admissions to evaluate the applicant's motivation and other factors of relevance to his or her academic background. This interview will take place after the written examination.

4. After admission, the applicant from non-EU country must apply for a long-term visa in his/her country of residence. Please consult the nearest representative office of the Czech Republic.


5. Before registration, the student has to sign a contract with the Faculty. This contract includes also an agreement about the net tuition fee 11.800 EUR a year, and other rights and duties of the student, including his/her medical examinations and vaccinations.


Application for studies and/or further inquiries should be addressed to

The Registrar
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry                           
Palacky University
tr. Svobody 8
771 26 OLOMOUC
Czech Republic


**420-58 563 2015


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